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Are You Frustrated With Your Guitar Playing?

Regardless if you are brand new to guitar, or if you have been playing for years, if you are feeling frustrated and unsure of how to make progress quickly and easily, the problem is NOT you.  I and many others have felt this way, and with the proper mentoring and training, you or your child can sound amazing on guitar in far less time than you thought possible.  Read on below to get the low-down on how to learn guitar, what works and what doesn’t – and how you can get a results-guaranteed, no-commitment-required guitar lesson for free.

Would You Like To Learn How To:

  • Strum chords easily and accurately, maybe while sitting around a fire
  • Learn how write songs of your own
  • Play ripping solos
  • Finally learn how to "jam"," improvise, and understand how songs work

or any other guitar goals, our programs will get you there and you will have fun in the process.

Natural Talent Is A Myth

A lot of people feel that you need to be talented, gifted, or just naturally a musical person to successfully learn guitar.  Scientific research has proved this to be a myth.  Anyone of any age can learn to play guitar successfully (we have successful students from age 7-78), so why do most people fail and end up stowing the guitar in the closet?  The truth is, most people become discouraged, overwhelmed, and quit before they reach their goal of sounding great on guitar.  They may even think that they just didn’t have enough  talent.  With the right educational plan though, ANYONE can learn to play guitar and that is my guarantee to you.

Before working with Matt, I was basically self-taught through tabs and YouTube videos.  After working with Matt for 6 months I can honestly say my playing improved more in that time than it did in the years I was teaching myself.  If you really want to get good at guitar and take your playing to the next level, you need to hire a professional coach and that’s what Matt is.” – Aaron D.

“I would highly recommend Matt as an instructor for any age, level or genre! His passion & love for music/guitar certainly shines through in his teaching ability….super patient & incredibly motivating!” – Sara J.

“I’ve had lessons with Matt at the beginning of 2019. I felt a huge improvement between the lessons. I played faster and cleaner, and the exerises and scales it’s like they don’t grow old. You keep improving even if you already know by heart what your playing.” — Patricia M.

Get Maximum Results In Minimal Time

Whether you’re a total beginner to guitar, or an advanced player looking to step to the virtuoso level, if you live in Surrey, British Columbia or nearby, I can give you the training, coaching, and mentoring you need.  Not only will you learn tons of new skills, I will teach you specifically how to apply your music skills into real world musical situations.  You will learn how to practice to get fast results – most teachers do not teach how to practice properly, and as a result, their students endlessly “spin their wheels” when they try to work on their material at home.  All of these factors will result in you saving TIME and MONEY when you sign up with us.

The Truth About Online Guitar Lessons

Perhaps with the best of intentions you’ve spent some time trying to “teach yourself” from YouTube or other free online video lesson sites.  You’ve likely found it’s not quite cutting it.  Obviously there is some correct information available on the internet, but at the very best, online guitar lessons offer instructional content a mile wide and an inch deep.  It might be advertised as “free,” but that’s really only true if you place no monetary value on your time, and have no issue with it taking 5x longer for your guitar playing to sound good.  Not to mention, most content creators are not truly masters of guitar teaching, and often include advice in their tutorials that is just downright incorrect.

Get A Qualified Teacher

I am a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, an international guitar teaching organization dedicated to finding breakthrough guitar teaching techniques and maximizing student success.  Most “guitar teachers” have no specific training on HOW to teach guitar.  I am the only instructor in Surrey, British Columbia with this certification.

I Offer a Free Introductory Lesson

Hold On - Aren't All Guitar Lessons Pretty Much The Same?

While it’s understandable that one might think this way when initially looking into guitar lessons, this is an important misconception that needs to be cleared up.  Not all guitar lessons are equal.

If you’re purchasing a can of soda, the main factors you’re going to consider are price and convenience.  You’ll buy the can of soda from wherever you can get it cheapest, and with the least hassle.  This makes perfect sense for commodity purchases, but not for educational ones.  Choosing the wrong guitar instructor to save travel time and save money will carry with it many hidden costs that quickly outweigh whatever initial advantages the “cheap” instructor will offer you.

So What Do I Look For In Guitar Lessons?

  1. Your guitar teacher needs to invest time to figure out YOUR (or your child’s) personal learning style to figure out what will get the fastest and best results.  Most guitar teachers do NOT do this – they will gladly take your money and start teaching you or your child the same approach they use with their other pupils.  Then they wonder why so many of their students end up frustrated and struggle to make progress on guitar.
  2. Your guitar teacher must assess your (or your child’s) musical needs and figure out the BEST plan to meet those needs.  I don’t view any two students as being the exact same.  Every student has different goals, taste in music, and idea of what they want to sound like.  To be satisfied with their guitar playing, and reach that satisfaction in the shortest time, each student will need to have their skills and learning outcomes prioritized and balanced differently.  There are many skills in the vast discipline of learning guitar, that prioritization and focus on RELEVANT musical skills will save you a TON of TIME and MONEY, not to mention help you or your child experience the joy of playing music FASTER!
  3. Your guitar teacher needs to teach you how to practice properly!  This one sounds like common sense, right?  Unforunately, not so.  Take it from me, and save a lot of time and money, most teachers simply do not spend any time on this at all.  They will just demonstrate the content they are teaching, and put all the onus on the student (regardless of the student’s age or experience) to go home and “practice what you learned.”  Without the proper direction, practice becomes frustrating and feels like a chore.  These teachers will often blame their students for being “lazy” and not getting any better.  I’ve been on the receiving end of this treatment many years ago – NOT a nice feeling!
  4. They MUST monitor your progress from lesson to lesson, and not jump to the next topic prematurely.  A lot of guitar teachers basically wing it from week to week – sometimes they’ll even ask you what YOU want to work on (aren’t you paying them to figure what you SHOULD be working on?) – you don’t want this!  The right guitar teacher will have made an effective education plan for you and stick to that plan, making adjustments accordingly by tracking your progress and ensuring you’re comfortable with what you’ve learned.
  5. They must have actual training on how to teach guitar.  Another one that many people could understandably think of as a given, but not so.  Having a degree in music does NOT include training on how to teach people guitar (I would know, I have two).  You want a teacher that has not only invested in their development as a player, but invested EVEN MORE in their development as an educator.

Don't Take My Word For It - Try a Free, No-Obligation Trial Lesson and See the Difference

My teenage son took lessons from Matt for three years.  According to my son “he’s the best teacher he has ever had”.  Matt is extremely talented and knowledgeable about many different genres of music and exposed my son to modern, progressive metal and jazz.  He taught my son music theory and really improved his technical skills.  He did an amazing job at keeping my son engaged and excited about playing.  I would recommend him to anyone interested in learning guitar, whether you are just starting out, or are experienced but want to expand your knowledge and/or refine your skills.  – Jennifer G.

Matt is a professional, calm, and patient teacher. This is especially true for those who are new to guitar or want to fine tune their skills. He taught me not only how to play guitar, but how to be comfortable with the guitar. He knows how to incorporate a student’s musical taste and style into quick lessons that make the days go by. Everybody’s learning journey is different, but you can count on Matt to be supportive the whole way through. Thank you, Matt! – Citlalli G.

It has been such a pleasure working with Matt. He single handedly brought back my love for guitar. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, but he caters to every style and listens to exactly the type of player you want to be. In the short time I have been working with him I have improved more than I could have imagined. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone looking to either start playing, or continuing their guitar playing experience. Hands down Matt is the best out there. So no matter your skill level, I guarantee taking classes with him will be the best decision you’ve ever made when it comes to advancing the player you are and the player you want to become. – Rob B.

"I am 100% dedicated to your fulfillment and enjoyment of your guitar playing goals."
Matt Chanway, Guitar Instructor

I Offer a Free Introductory Lesson