So You Just Got Your First Guitar!

You Just Got Your First Guitar

You have been looking at guitars for months now. Stopping at music stores, looking online and in music magazines. So many different guitars to choose from but you have finally found the one. You have imagined yourself playing for family, friends, or on a stage playing for fans cheering as you play their favorite songs. The guitar looks beautiful. In fact, the guitar you picked is perfect and feels great in your hands. Excitedly you grab a pick and get ready to strum but then you realize you have no idea where to start. What is the most important thing for you to work on first? What is the best way to start learning so you can make the most progress in the shortest period of time?

Get Help!

I am serious. You should seek help from someone who has experience right away. Something as basic as tuning your guitar can be difficult when you first start playing. Sifting through all the information available to guitar players today can be intimidating and overwhelming. When you don’t have enough experience to tell the difference between the good and the bad instructional materials that are available you can actually waste a lot of time and money on something that sounded good but ended up having you work on things that are not important for the type of music you really want to play. So, what should you do?

Find A Good Teacher.

You can learn a few things from your neighbor or a friend who plays but are they truly experts? Do they know the most important things you need to learn right now that will help you get better faster? You want to look for an expert teacher. Find someone who is familiar with the style of music you want to play. You want a teacher who has years of experience and a track record of helping people become great players. In fact, a good teacher probably has certifications to prove that they have professional training and are up to date with the most useful and effective teaching methods. Plus, a good teacher will have other students that share similar interest with you. This means you will have access to people you can jam with, practice with, and who can help encourage you as you learn. Learning guitar in an environment where you can meet and potentially play with other guitar players is a lot more fun than learning in isolation.

Get Started Today!

Grab that new guitar. Find an awesome guitar teacher. Have fun learning to play the music you love.

About the author: Brian Fish is a professional guitarist living in North East Ohio and is a highly trained guitar instructor at Guitar Lessons Geauga.


I’m a guitarist, teacher, and huge fan of music.  I’m very fortunate to have been recognized internationally as a legit guitar virtuoso and received some incredibly cool musical accolades, including placing as a finalist in Guitar Idol 2018, a competition showcasing the top emerging guitarists on the planet.

I started Matt Chanway Guitar Tuition to teach guitar CORRECTLY to rock guitar players seeking lessons, due to the limited options available for qualified instructors in the genre.

When I was getting my start, I was subjected to tons of dodgy materials and sketchy instructors – so let my site be a guide for trustworthy guitar lessons and info!

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